BAFTA awards 2024 : Matchmaking Onegreenbottle to the attendees!

We think they Cate Blanchette would be…

Cate Blanchette describes herself as  ‘part extrovert, part wallflower’ and values her privacy. So we picked this no-fuss, low-profile bottle that will go with everything and still look stylish 😎

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We think Florence Pugh would be…

Florence Pugh is known for being down-to-earth, Relatable and funny, so we paired her with our 400ml stainless steel Epic flask, So it will shine *almost*  as much as her ✨✨

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We think Barry Keoghan would be…

Barry Keoghan, known for his role in Saltburn, grew quite a fandom after a certain 

energetic dancing scene 😉 So we picked the perfect gym shaker, to keep him fit while we pray for the sequel  🙏 Saltburn 2 anyone ??

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We think Emily Blunt would be…

Emily blunt is known for being kind, generous and Thoughtful! So we made sure she had plenty of room for water, because we know she’d be making sure everyone else stayed hydrated too! 😊

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We think Da’Vine Joy Randolph would be…

Da’Vine Joy Randolph is known for being Bubbly and energetic, so we paired her with our famous, (appearing on Big brother 2023😉), fun, colorful Epic bottle to match her energy!

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We think Rosamund Pike would be…

Rosamund Pike is known for being independent, self- confident and STUNNING! ❤️ So we paired her with our sage Epic, a classy and strong bottle that won’t weigh you down! 😉

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