Why should I choose a stainless steel water bottle over a plastic water bottle?

In the ongoing shift from plastic single-use water bottles towards more sustainable alternatives, stainless steel water bottles have emerged as the go-to choice for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Whether you find yourself at the office, on a hiking trail, or simply relaxing at home, maintaining hydration is crucial, and stainless steel bottles stand out by far as the no.1 solution for staying Hydrated.

Here are some FAQ’s to help you switch from single-use to reusable stainless steel this year!

Are stainless steel water bottles durable?

Yes, very. Lightweight yet robust, stainless-steel water bottles resist damage or punctures, making them ideal for daily commutes and active lifestyles. Stainless steel is also a stronger alternative to glass or plastic, meaning they can withstand drops and bumps without breakage.

Are stainless steel water bottles sanitary?

Yes, very! The chromium layer on the surface of stainless steel gives it a naturally anti-microbial resistance and creates a smooth surface with no micro-pores that harbor bacteria and mould. Stainless steel water bottles also eliminate the risk of harmful chemical exposure, such as BPA/BPS, commonly found in plastic bottles. Reusing plastic water bottles may seem eco-friendly, but they can become breeding grounds for bacteria and leave you subject to harm from a list of problems caused by nanoplastics

Do stainless steel bottles regulate temperature?

Yes! Stainless steel water bottles keep beverages hot or cold for prolonged times when compared to glass or plastic, making them perfect for all year round.  Stainless steel also allows for insulation technology by creating vacuums within the walls, allowing for 24 hours of temperature control unmatched by other materials. Our range of insulated bottles keep your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours.

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Do stainless steel bottles taste bad?

No, Unlike other materials, stainless steel water bottles are inert and do not retain flavors, allowing you to enjoy a mix of drinks without any imparted taste or smells.

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What are the health Benefits of using stainless steel over plastic?

Plastic bottles can contain harmful chemicals like BPA (bisphenol A), which can leach into your drink, especially if the bottle is exposed to heat. Stainless steel bottles, however, are free from such chemicals, making them a healthier choice for storing your beverages. Reusing plastic bottles may expose users to harmful bacteria thriving in the damp and warm conditions inside, further compromising health. Opting for stainless steel eliminates these risks.

Recent studies have also found 10 – 100 times more nanoplastics in single use plastic water bottles, sold in supermarkets, than previously estimated.

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