Eating in Season

How to eat in season

With the rise in technology, transport links and demand, eating in season seems like a thing of the past. As consumers we are so used to being able to eat whatever we want, when we want it. How often do we stop and think about the impact this has on the planet?

Eating seasonal, local foods means that the carbon footprint of what’s on your plate is minimised significantly, as it hasn’t had to travel across the world, and there is no strain created from an increased demand of certain foods. Where do you start?

The periodic table of veg is a brilliant place to start. This is an online resource on which you can select any vegetable and find a catalogue of recipes made using this vegetable. This is a great resource for if you know what’s in season, but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your meals. Another reason it’s a valuable resource for eating sustainably for those moments when you have leftover produce in your fridge but aren’t sure what to do with it. Simply search the veg that you have and get inspired!

Without realising it, we often intuitively eat seasonally. When its hot we crave lighter, refreshing greens and in the winter we’d rather have heart-warming starchy veg. Listening to these instinctive cues and sourcing local produce is a brilliant way to look after both your body and the planet.

Another brilliant way to eat seasonally whilst feeling connected to your food is to pick your own. Whether you grow your own veg, go to a local farm or try foraging, eating what you can find around you! If you plan on foraging though make sure you’re only eating things you know are safe!

Why don’t you give eating seasonally a go? It’s a brilliant way to support local farmers, reduce pollution and reduce plastic waste.