“It’s a wonderful product..” A Mum Reviews on our baby bottle

Our new Stainless Steel Baby Bottle has recently been reviewed by Petra from the blog A Mum Reviews. Petra has three children and a long experience working with children too so plenty of experience with baby and children’s products.

We’re pleased to say that she loves the One Green Bottle Stainless Steel Baby Bottle!

In her review, she mentions her frustration with the amount of baby and toddler products you seem to need and the ones that don’t stand the test of time:

“Then weaning comes along and the need for different cups and spouts… It’s just too much and the plastic ones get ruined so quickly. I was so glad when I discovered reusable stainless-steel bottles as my daughters now all drink out of them and they last!”

She writes about our new stainless steel baby bottle: “It’s a wonderful product that cleverly adapts to suit your child’s needs from the very early baby days to toddlerhood and longer too.”

“There are so many different functions for the different parts!” The One Green Bottle Stainless Steel Baby Bottle easily transforms from a baby bottle to a jar for transforming baby food by using one of the other lids in the set. “This is great for the weaning days and, again, you can choose to add a cup to help the contents keep its temperature for a while. It’s not insulated like a thermos flask but does help in my experience.”

Once your little one is ready for a sippy cup, you can simply add the stretchy silicone sippy cap to the stainless steel bottle and once the baby and toddler years have passed many of the parts can come in handy in different ways.

Read the full review here: https://amumreviews.co.uk/one-green-bottle-stainless-steel-baby-bottle-review/

Purchase the bottles here: https://www.onegreenbottle.com/baby-bottle/

Photos by Petra (A Mum Reviews)