Straw Wars – the empire makes a stand

For all of the right reasons………….we have decided to stop supplying our Quench caps with internal straws as standard. The rationale behind this decision is that the vast majority of people don’t use the straws so they get thrown into the trash and also straws can harbor harmful bacteria. Sounds like good logic but we […]

Next day delivery by Amazon Prime

We are busy loading more of our most popular stainless steel sports bottles to the Amazon Prime distribution centres. You can now purchase via our Amazon shop and look out for bottles that have the Prime logo. This means that if you have Amazon Prime membership you will get next day delivery free of charge. […]

Jackets back in stock – buy here

To see our range of jackets click here Our best selling jackets are now improved and back in stock. We have made several improvements to the jacket quality, design and the production process to make these jackets our best ever. They now have a sturdier zip with tab, ticker neoprene and improved stitching. Most important […]

Support Sky Ocean Rescue

We all need to do our bit to stop the flow of plastic into landfill and into our oceans. This is serious and if we all scale back on the use of single use plastics perhaps we could make a difference. Take a look at the startling and scary facts on and help support this campaign. Help […]

New stock

We are super excited about our new stock of fabulous stainless steel water bottles, due end of January. We have your old favourite colours in our curvy bottle range , teal, shocking pink and violet (available as 350ml and 500ml curve) but we also have a new golden brown colour that looks yummy. We also […]

The plastic plague

The plastic plague: Hormone-disrupting chemicals in everyday things like water bottles DO cause cancer, diabetes, ADHD and autism – and cost US $340 BILLION a year Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are in thousands of products Products range from plastic water bottles to cheap toys and cosmetics Study warns they cause neurological damage and behavioral problems Exposure […]